A Waterproof Smartphone Makes For a Care-Free Day at the Beach.

Let’s face it: we pretty much need our smartphone at all times, even when you’re at the beach: from telling time to taking selfies, smartphones are essentials at the beach. You can even view reviews online. While some smartphones are sold as ‘waterproof’, normally you need to buy a waterproof case to make sure you don’t end up ruining your $700 smartphone by splashing some water on it.

Lifeproof has long been the leader in waterproof cases. They tend to be pricey, but a lifeproof promo code can easily knock 20% off their regular price. Otterbox also recently acquired Lifeproof, and then shortly after came out with their own waterproof case you can take to the beach. Since Otterbox is cheaper, the price of a worry-free waterproof case is becoming more and more accessible!

Nothing is more annoying than arriving at the beach and realizing that you’ve forgotten your swimsuit. While this is unlikely, many similar scenarios are not. Pack carefully to make sure your beach vacation is spent on the shore, not in the stores shopping for items you should have packed before leaving home.

Waterproof camera. While you may be accustomed to using your digital SLR or your smartphone to take photos on most occasions, the sand and the salt water can damage these devices faster than it takes your best friend to say “Cheese.” Leave your cell phone in your beach bag and the SLR in the hotel room. Capture your photos with a disposable waterproof camera instead. 

  1. An extra swimsuit – or two or three. Swimsuits are subject to snags and tears, and can even become lost – a phenomenon not unknown to bikini-wearers who enjoy diving. Swimsuit shopping when you’re at the mercy of high tourist prices is never fun, so pack plenty.
  2. Sunscreen. Don’t take just any sunscreen, pack one that provides a hefty SPF and that is water-resistant or waterproof. When you’re out in the sun all day, lightweight tanning lotions simply don’t cut it. Tuck away the right strength sunscreen in your suitcase, and it may save you from being the lobster at the beach cookout.
  3. Aloe vera gel. Sometimes sunburns happen no matter how diligently you apply your sunscreen. Aloe vera gel can come in handy if this occurs. Put the gel on your skin at the first sign of sunburn, and reapply before bedtime. The gel will soothe your inflamed skin and help to lessen reddening.
  4. Plenty of beach towels. If you’ve ever grabbed a beach towel that didn’t have time to dry and plopped yourself down on it, you know it’s an uncomfortable feeling. Bring two or three beach towels on your vacation so you can use a fresh one while the others are drying.
  5. A cap or hair bands. When you’re at the beach, every day is a bad hair day – unless you like the sandy, tousled look you’ll get after a day of immersing your head in salt water. Having a cap to put on or a hair band to create a quick ponytail will save you time and preserve your dignity.
  6. A foldable drying rack. If you have room, pack a foldable drying rack that you can hang wet clothes on. This is especially important if you’re traveling with more than one person. There’s only so much room on a shower curtain rod for wet bathing suits, towels and t-shirts. A clothes rack will save you from accumulating a pile of wet, mildewed clothes.
  7. Resealable plastic bags. These bags are a must-have for any trip, but a trip to the beach calls for plenty of them. Not only do they prevent toiletries such as shampoo and sunscreen from causing drippy messes in your luggage, but they are handy solutions for the wet bathing suits you’ll be packing on the last day of your trip. If you like to collect shells, the bags will keep the sand and smell separate from your clothes.
  8. Glasses band. If you wear glasses, chances are you don’t want your expensive lenses to end up on the bottom of the ocean. Guard against this by keeping a glasses band attached to them at all times. These work well for sunglasses as well – why buy a replacement pair if you don’t have to?
  9. Beach footwear. You may picture yourself walking blissfully barefoot on the beach, but in hotter climes, you may feel you’re walking on hot coals instead. Packing a pair of sturdy rubber sandals can save the day.
  10. When packing, make a mental list of the activities you’ll be engaging in and pack accordingly. After all, if you’re going out for a night on the town, you won’t want to be stuck wearing shorts and a souvenir t-shirt. Wise packing will help make your beach vacation one to remember – in a good way.